Who are we?

Madista Mundus was founded by business, sales, law, finance and marketing professionals who, for more than a decade, have developed and run successful businesses in the European and Chinese markets.
We are a virtual company that is located worldwide. Our Italian offices are responsible for purchasing luxury goods and maintaining the fashion business. Respectively, Chinese offices are for sales and consumers traction, and the technical part comes from Eastern European countries

What are we creating?

We are creating a multifunctional app, that will work both as an e-commerce platform (web 2.0), a digital marketplace (web 3.0) and a social network.

In our app users can buy legit luxury goods, digital wearables, beauty products, fine art, NFT art. Talk about relevant topics, see fashion news and get expert advice and all in the same place. We work as a direct bridge between the European fashion industry and China, US and middle east customers.